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Brexit Advice on supply chains and contracts

Do you need help with your supply chain and contracts?

The LEP is working in partnership with BDO, to bring advice and support on Supply Chains and Contracts for small and medium sized businesses in the Solent region.

If you are business in the Solent, with a minimum turnover threshold of £2m and with the need to asses critical issues and disruption in supply chains, please complete the form below.

Support is still available if you do not meet the the turnover threshold here.

What will a BDO Adviser do for you and your business?

In discussion with you, they will help you identify the actions you need to take for your businesses existing supply chains and contracts in response to the Brexit transition. In order to do this they will ask you for key information about your business's current position and work with you to develop a detailed and flexible action plan specifically for your business. Doing this will help you feel confident that you have done everything possible to succeed once the UK has left the EU and in a new trading environment.

They will do this by focussing on the three areas below:

  1. Supply Chain and Supplier Risk Review

  2. Contracts and Supplier Management

  3. Spend Analysis

Don't wait - get in touch with us now - by completing this form and one of our Advisers will be in contact.

Do you need Brexit advice for your business?

Our dedicated Brexit advice line - 020 8142 9369.

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