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Brexit Advice for your business

Do you need to speak directly with an expert for advice about the Brexit transition?

The LEP is funding Brexit Transition advice for small and medium sized businesses in the Solent region to get this critical advice and support now when you need it.

Complete the form below to give us a starting point for discussion and you will receive one-to-one advice with a Brexit Transition Business Adviser from Newable. You will receive up to 5 hours of support tailored to your needs.

The Brexit Transition Business Advisers have local knowledge of the Solent region and have sector expertise in sectors including:

    • Technology

    • Creative

    • Digital

    • AI & Data

    • Manufacturing & Advanced Engineering

    • Life Sciences & Health

    • Renewable Energy

    • Marine & Defence

These expert Advisers have worked across the globe in a range of positions including business owners, managing directors for corporate and multinational businesses, export managers, contract management, and more. They have all covered business development, strategy, product development, supply chains, international trade, marketing and finance.

What will a Brexit Transition Business Advisers do for you and your business?

In discussion with you, they will help you identify the actions you need to take for your business in response to Brexit transition. In order to do this they will ask you for key information about your business's current position and work with you to develop a detailed and flexible action plan specifically for your business. Doing this will help you feel confident that you have done everything possible to succeed once the UK has left the EU and in a new trading environment

You will have the same Brexit Transition Business Adviser supporting you throughout the process. They will even check in with you to measure your progress and to see if you need further help.

Don't wait - get in touch with us now - by completing this form and one of our Advisers will be in contact.


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When you complete this form the information you provide will go the Solent LEP Growth Hub and to Newable who will be providing the Brexit transition programme business support service and will be contacting applicants to offer their assistance. You can read the Solent LEP Privacy Notice here. You can view Newable's Privacy Notice here. The Solent LEP will keep your details on file and contact you about future business support communications for the Solent. Your information will not be used for any other purpose and you can opt out of receiving future communications if you wish.

Do you need Brexit advice for your business?

Our dedicated Brexit advice line - 020 8142 9369.

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