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Advanced - Opening the Door to Public Procurement

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Solent LEP Events


Start: 22 February 2022 9:30AM

End: 23 February 2022 12:30PM


Opening the door to Public Procurement

The Solent LEP Growth Hub are delighted to bring you a series of FREE and valuable Bid Writing workshops for SME's in the Solent.

Whether you have previous experience and knowledge or are completely new to bid writing, these workshops will give you insight into what to look for and how to write when applying for public contracts and much more.

We have 3 workshops available, beginners, intermediate and advanced with each course spreading over two consecutive mornings.

Please see more details on the beginner course below.


Advanced – Our organisation has extensive experience of bidding with very positive results and feedback, and we would like to take the next step to enhance quality of written responses even further

22 & 23 February 2022

9.30 AM - 12.30 PM

The advanced level course is designed for people who are experienced fulfilling the duties of a bid writer or bid manager, who will often have had some prior training as well as more extensive experience of writing winning bids and achieving high quality scores.

The course is predominantly writing-based, emphasising proven strategies to enhance the impact, persuasiveness and effectiveness of the written word within competitive tender submissions.

Alongside these advanced themes on persuasive writing, more in-depth approaches to project management for the bid process are discussed, alongside greater depth on the key topic of social value, for which the concept and principles of social return on investment (SROI) are explored.

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