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Government & Other Business Calls


There are a number of business opportunities arising as a result of this current situation, and we are aware of businesses gaining new contracts in the last couple of weeks. We are keen to share these opportunities with you as soon we hear about them.

Portico: Looking for alternative options for your supply chains? 

Portsmouth Port have an initiative for SME businesses who are looking for alternative options for their supply chains. It’s aimed at traffic that might otherwise choose the Dover / Calais straits crossing and also to build on our current links to the Port of Antwerp.

For more information click here.

Industry Partnering Voluntary Scheme

The Cabinet Office has published guidance for employers explaining how furloughed workers can volunteer for posts during the pandemic.

Many furloughed workers want to play their part and businesses are keen to demonstrate their corporate social responsibility by supporting the Government at this time, enabling their furloughed employees to volunteer for a short period.

Most voluntary roles can be carried out at home and include operational delivery, analytical, project delivery and digital related work.

Employers interested in taking part in the scheme should read the full guidance here

PPE Request

Are you a company that:

  • Currently has saleable stock of PPE equipment that would normally be used in the operation of your business but is currently sitting idle that public organisations could purchase?
  • Could you change your manufacturing output to supply products to meet the required standards of use?

The products required are:

  • Hand sanitiser - of at least 70% alcohol content, government guidelines on who could produce this are shown in the link here
  • Fluid repellent face masks (FP2 or FP3 standard)
  • Gloves - Latex, vinyl or powder free
  • Aprons
  • Eye protection (disposable or full face visor)

If you are able to help or have any questions with any of the above items please contact any of the following that are helping to coordinate this request:

Rob.Gloyns@southampton.gov.uk / 023 8083 2983




Tech Solutions

Do you have a tech solution or innovative idea on how to address one or more of the following key challenges?

  • Slowing the Spread of COVID-19
  • Enabling Home-based Care
  • Supporting the wellbeing and morale of NHS workforce
  • Assistance for those who are most Vulnerable and in Self Isolation

 If so, a partnership between Barclays Ventures and Eagle Labs would like to hear from you.

Call for rapid sanitising technology for ambulances

Do you have an innovative or novel approach to get ambulances cleaner quicker to help combat Coronavirus?

The Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) is looking for rapid sanitising technology to speed up the time it takes to clean ambulances to help in the national effort against Coronavirus and save lives.

To find out about this particular call, and for other projects that they are looking to promote, click here.

Urgent appeal for Brits to work on farms

Some 70,000 seasonal workers are usually needed each year on British farms, and many coming from overseas. Because of travel restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic this is having a significant effect on the number of people able to travel to the UK to take up these roles.

Please share this link widely for to support the recruitment of seasonal farm workers.

NHSX tech funding to support people in isolation from coronavirus

The Techforce 19 challenge launched by NXSX is looking to fund new technologies which can help support the vulnerable, elderly and self-isolating as COVID-19 continues to spread. Within this challenge, they are particularly looking for innovators able to support in the following areas. If this is your company, apply.

  • Remote Social Care
  • Optimising Staffing in Care and Volunteering Sectors
  • Mental Health

Full details here

Coronavirus Support Hub
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