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Digital Boost

Boost your digital skills and grow your organisation with free tailored advice

Digital Boost is a non-profit online platform that connects small businesses with thousands of expert volunteers for free 1:1 personalised support.

Digital Boost gives SMEs access to true specialists in the topics they need help with the most, whether that’s social media, cybersecurity, or accounting. SMEs can access as many different mentors as they want to get the help they need, or meet with the same mentor more than once.

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Who can access the support?

Digital Boost is open to anyone who works at a small business or charity with less than 250 employees. There is no application process - simply register in a few clicks and start getting support!

What support can I access?

Masterclasses & Courses

Alongside 1-to-1 mentoring support, Digital Boost offers a variety of Masterclasses, courses and personalised learning recommendations to help you continue your digital adoption journey. From business strategy to social media, taxation to fundraising, HR, and much more, Digital Boost expert volunteers are ready to help you. 

Meet with as many different experts as you like, on any one of the 55 learning topics. All conversations are held online so you can easily fit them into your busy schedule.

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