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    • PNTL/INS have three ships that are dedicated to transporting the highest classification (INF3) of nuclear material. This is a classification of the INF Code, which is set by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) of the United Nations. The INF Code regulates shipments by sea of used (spent) fuel, plutonium and highly radioactive waste.

    • PNTL has successfully completed about 200 shipments safely covering millions of miles during the last 40 years and there has never been a single incident resulting in the release of radioactivity.



International Nuclear



More information:

International Nuclear Services is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority.

International Nuclear Services is based in the UK and has offices and facilities in France and Japan. INS also operates a subsidiary company Pacific Nuclear Transport Limited (PNTL) Pacific Nuclear Transport Limited is the world's most experienced shipper of nuclear cargoes.

Our vessels are designed using a concept known as “safety in depth” which means that we build in multiple independent layers of protection to our vessels and transport packages. All essential systems have at least one back-up; all safety critical process have at least one cross check; and all safety features have at least one additional barrier to ensure there is no single point of failure on any essential systems.



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