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The Covid-19 Business Support Tool

The Covid-19 Business Support Tool has been commissioned by the Solent LEP to provide businesses in the Solent with an invaluable review of their current position in a range of key areas, including; business strategy and operations, sales and marketing, supply chain, customers and clients, employees and people management and finance.

This self-assessment tool is designed to be completed by members of a company's management team that have oversight of all operations - e.g. CEO, CFO, COO etc. It takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete and is divided into six sections. Each section represents a key performance area for your business and has only four questions. All you have to do is select the score that you think most accurately describes your current level of performance.

Developed to support Solent-based businesses adjust to the gradual easing of measures taken in response to Covid-19, the tool allows firms to create a bespoke report on their current position and bench-mark themselves against others in their industry, as well as providing tailored information on what actions to take to access support in the areas it is most required.

The Government has made announcements about financial support to help businesses with the impact of the Omicron variant

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