Solent Prosperity Review Panel

The purpose of the Solent Prosperity Review Panel will be to act as an advisory board and critical friend in the development of the Solent Local Industrial Strategy (LIS). The members represent a wide range of views and bring a wealth of experience, and as such represent a variety of perspectives and are drawn from business, academia and professional services from, mainly, outside the Solent LEP area who Solent LEP have identified as having expertise that will support the development of the LIS.

Further information on the Prosperity Review Panel is available in the Terms of Reference, published here

At their meeting on 28th June 2019 The Solent Prosperity Review Panel were presented with a report on the emerging evidence base and summary of consultation work.  The report is available to view here.

The Government has made announcements about financial support to help businesses with the impact of the Omicron variant

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