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Solent LEP Funding Allocations

Solent LEP has secured significant public funding and, as a result, operates within the context of public funding frameworks. In recognition of this, the LEP has established robust, transparent and accountable governance arrangements. These Governance arrangements are set out in the Solent LEP Assurance Framework, the purpose of which should be viewed in the context of the Accountability Systems Statements for both Local Government and the Local Growth Fund, which provide assurance to the Public Accounts Committee for how Local Growth Funds and wider funding routed through Local Government are allocated.

In accordance with Part C: Transparent Decision Making of the Solent LEP Assurance Framework, the LEP will publish on a quarterly basis information relating to the allocation of public funding. For further information relating to funding allocation decisions by Solent LEP, please use the links below:

Solent LEP Funding - total allocations by financial year

Solent LEP Funding - individual allocations by beneficiary

Portsmouth City Council (PCC) is the accountable body for the Solent LEP and in this role is accountable for the proper use and administration of funding. In this role, PCC enters into all funding contracts and makes payments to funding beneficiaries. PCC publish details of all payments of £500 or above on a monthly basis and details are available here. Data can be downloaded in either PDF or spreadsheet form and LEP related transactions identified manually or by right clicking, selecting "find" and undertaking a search for "Solent LEP".

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