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The decision to leave the European Union in June 2106 has had a significant impact on the delivery of the ESIF programme both nationally and locally. This is why in October 2016 the UK government announced that funding would be guaranteed for ESI Funds projects contracted up to March 2019 that provide good value for money and support domestic strategic priorities. The Government has now announced an extension to this guarantee, which will now cover the full 2014-20 programme period and allocation in the event of a no-deal. The extension means that departments will continue to sign new projects after EU exit during 2019 and 2020, up to the value of programme allocations. This practical measure provides additional certainty, guaranteeing investment in local growth up to the end of the programmes, under either a negotiated withdrawal or no-deal. Further information about how the guarantee will be implemented will be published over the coming months.

For details of all open and previous funding opportunities please click here

DCLG will therefore continue to work with areas to prepare further calls and funding agreements in line with the requirement to demonstrate value for money and fit into domestic spending priorities. Treasury has actioned Local Managing Authority teams to work with ESI Funds subcommittees in each LEP area to progress future calls for funding proposals information on the remaining activity and associated funding that might be signed after the Autumn Statement while we remain a member of the EU.

Across the two principle funding streams, £17.4m has been committed; approximately £9.7m ERDF and £7.7m ESF, equating  to approximately 50% of the allocation for the Solent . All £1.4m of EAFRD rural grant funding is now available through the national Rural Payments Agency programme.

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