Planning for Solent 2050

We are developing a new Economic Strategy for the Solent - Solent 2050, in response to the government's requirement that all LEPs set out a clear pathway to securing more productive and prosperous communities in all parts of the UK. In developing this Strategy, areas must focus on those distinctive parts of the economy and locality that sets it apart and through which it can demonstrate global excellence. As an economy significantly influenced by its coastal location and environmental assets, for the Solent this means that our world leading maritime sector and world class environment are emerging as central pillars of this works.

Considerable work has been undertaken including data analysis, policy review and wide ranging consultation. Below we set out a range of documents that both demonstrate the extent of the underpinning evidence and the direction of the strategy:

Going forward the Solent Prosperity Review Panel will advise on how this plan develops over coming months. 

For more information on planning for 2050, please email us.

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