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Planning for Solent 2050

We are at the forefront of developing a plan for the Solent in 2050 using wide-ranging consultation with many stakeholders, including tomorrow's business owners and leaders; schoolchildren, college pupils and university students. We have held months of consultations, workshops, meetings and a survey in order to get the most from people living and working here to shape the Solent of the future. A summary of the consultation sessions and all of the other feedback received can be found here.

We got the message loud and clear that the plan must be ambitious, and that we need to pioneer new ways of doing things, including nurturing clean growth, and supporting a 'climate positive' environment by 2050. 

Watch our video to hear views from Pupils at Gomer Junior School

Other relevant documents available include:

the Emerging Evidence Base

the Solent Economic Profile 

Once we have developed a Progress Statement, showcasing overarching themes and goals, that will be published on this page too.

Going forward the Solent Prosperity Review Panel will oversee how this plan develops over coming months. 


For more information on planning for 2050, please email us.