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Automotive - Brexit Readiness Webinar - Wave 5

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Partner Events


Start: 24 October 2019 10AM

End: 24 October 2019 11:30AM


Get ready for Brexit! To avoid disruption following the UK’s exit from the EU, traders and hauliers must take the right actions and have the right paperwork in place to enable their goods to pass through controls. The UK Government Border Delivery Group (BDG) are arranging a series of webinars targeted at EU businesses which will provide clarity on what is expected of them, their clients and their supply chain as they look to trade goods across the border. This series of webinars will cover five specific sectors with another for all other businesses trading goods, to be repeated weekly, starting week commencing 23/09/19.


This webinar will be targeted at businesses operating within the Automotive sector. We will focus on summarising customs procedures upon the UK's exit from the EU, in particular covering goods leaving the UK and goods entering the UK. We shall be highlighting key points to help you fully understand what you need to do to prepare for Brexit, including:

  1. The Common Transit Convention (CTC)
  2. VAT
  3. Transitional Simplified Procedures (TSPs)


The objectives of the webinar will be:

  • to take stock of the processes and procedures which will apply after the UK exit from the European Union;
  • to summarise changes relevant to businesses operating within and around the Automotive sector; and
  • to promote and emphasise the need for Brexit readiness preparations.


Please note that if you are unable to attend this event, further identical events are planned on:

  • Wave 3 - Automotive - 10/10/19, 12:00 - 13:30 (BST)
  • Wave 4 - Automotive - 17/10/19, 10:00 - 11:30 (BST)

We’d be grateful if you could please confirm your attendance, by registering for the relevant event. Upon registration, webinar details shall be provided in due course.


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