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Festival of Enterprise: How to increase your sales by 600% during lockdown

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Partner Events


Start: 18 August 2020 12PM

End: 18 August 2020 1PM


The Nue Co launched in the UK, after a US launch which saw a waitlist of thousands for its exclusive Net-A-Porter launch. The company has seen sales of immunity-boosting products increase by 600% MoM during this uncertain time, and has responded to the soaring demand for stress-relief treatments with an initiative that donates ‘self-care packages’ to volunteers, nurses and doctors on the frontline, featuring products which are clinically-proven to support easing the symptoms of stress, including anxiety, tension and lack of sleep.

Speaker: Jules Miller – Founder/CEO of The Nue Co.
The Nue Co. blends innovative science with natural ingredients to deliver results-driven solutions to a multitude of health concerns including digestion, mood, skin and sleep. Each formula promises real results within 30 days of use, resulting in an impressive 67% repeat purchase rate, a massive achievement in an industry that rarely peaks over 30%.

The Nue Co. was born following Jules’ own experience with IBS in her early 20s. After finding that the supplements she was taking were full of preservatives and fillers which ironically aggravated her condition, she sought a new solution. Talking with her grandfather, a scientist at Cambridge University in England who spent the majority of his career developing vitamins and supplements, she was inspired to create products that worked, using only the best in science, food, and alternative medicine.

Clinically proven ingredients are combined with best practices from Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine to create formulas which are free from toxic preservatives, additives, flavourings and sweeteners. Sustainability is at the core of The Nue Co. ethos; all ingredients are responsibly sourced, with 95% of their materials being infinitely recyclable—the brand


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