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Growing a Loyal Mailing List

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Solent Connect


Start: 12 May 2020 12PM

End: 12 May 2020 12:30PM


It is time for you to build a loyal audience in the spaces you own. It is time to cut-out the middle man to get your message across to others.

Having an audience you can address on your own terms puts you in a powerful position. In this webinar I’ll be sharing how I built my You Are The Media audience, starting with an email in October 2013, that became the monthly You Are The Media Lunch Club in 2016, the You Are The Media Podcast in 2017 and the You Are The Media Conference in 2018 and 2019. This all continues momentum and a community has been created off the back of it.

I will be outlining 14 ways to gain loyal email subscribers who are willing to give you their details in exchange for you keeping in touch, adding value to their week and encouraging them to feel a part of something that they can enjoy, learn and participate in.


You can find out more about this free webinar here

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