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Let’s Talk About Finance-How to Manage a Company's Cash Crisis

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Solent Connect


Start: 21 May 2020 10AM

End: 21 May 2020 11AM


Join us for a live online event hosted by our Access To Finance Team & supported by Clive Fortis, Insolvency Expert with Antony Batty & Co.

About this Event

Due to COVID-19 and the rules about social distancing we are taking this brand new programme online and will be delivering this by webinar on Zoom.Let’s Talk About Finance- what company directors need to know if the cash runs out.

A live online event hosted by Julian Wright from our Access To Finance Team and supported by Clive Fortis, Insolvency Expert with Antony Batty & Company.

WSX Enterprise Ltd have tried to get a group of businesses together to just talk about finance for a couple of years now, but despite some great venues and some encouraging feedback we’ve always failed to gather a crowd large enough to make it sustainable. Business owner sentiment seemed to be that while we ought to know more about finance, it probably isn’t that important right now.

In these difficult and uncertain times we think things have now changed. So, if you are an existing small business with ambitions to survive the present challenges and prosper in the future then this event may be for you.

During late April and early May 2020 we ran events titled “It’s all about the cash!”- encouraging business owners to embrace cash flow forecasting. While this remains the case, the prospect of running out of cash entirely still looms large and is likely to continue as we adjust to an uncertain future.

What will be covered?

With that in mind, we felt it appropriate to address the issue of insolvency. A potentially dark issue and one that is often misunderstood in a world where the media races to the bottom to get the headline. Insolvency is actually a term to cover a number of procedures whose aim is actually for businesses to survive if at all possible. Liquidation is a last resort.

Hence our event will provide an overview and some insights into company insolvency. It will provide practical guidance to company directors of what they can, can’t and should do when their company is insolvent or in danger of becoming so. We’ll have an insolvency expert on hand to talk us through the range of insolvency procedures and provide a Q&A session.

In a trading environment where our customers and suppliers are potentially in financial distress, knowledge of insolvency is equally relevant to mitigating the potential negative effects on our own companies. Hence, this event will also appeal to those working within secure trading businesses- owners, bookkeepers, and accounts managers.

Please note that this event will cover company insolvency only. We aim to run a future event for personal insolvency specifically for the self-employed/sole traders and company directors in their personal capacity.

Booking Link: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/lets-talk-about-finance-how-to-manage-a-companys-cash-crisis-webinar-tickets-104427340988

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