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Low carbon energy: taking the public with us on the journey to net zero

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Start: 29 July 2021 12:30PM

End: 29 July 2021 1:30PM


As the drive to net zero takes centre and commanding stage on the UK’s agenda, the rollout of new technologies and resources in energy generation is picking up at an ever-increasing pace.

And as Copper Consultancy move closer to their net zero targets, the Government and the sector needs to continue to harness public support, but to also bolster it with a clear understanding of not just the technologies and their environmental benefits, but the benefits for everyday communities - the creation of jobs and boosted economies, and in a post-Brexit world, the investment back into homegrown technologies and the UK overall.

During the webinar, expert panel members will discuss public understanding and perception of low carbon energy production across the UK, what technologies enjoy widespread support, and what is the top of people’s agenda in the transition to cleaner, greener energy sources.

Informed by the data gathered for Copper’s recently released Attitudes to low carbon energy generation report, the speakers will consider the benefits, risks and impacts of reaching our ambitious net zero targets, and crucially, how they will take the public with them.

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