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Mission Space Day

Event Type:

Partner Events


Start: 26 April 2022 9AM

End: 26 April 2022 5PM


We are working with several partners on Portsmouth & South Coast Business Week, which will take place from 25 - 29 April. There will be a range of events held throughout the week.

This event is held by the University of Portsmouth. Join the university and a growing number of companies making space an important part of their business. Space activity, technology and materials are now an integral part of our daily lives through:

  • space-manufacturing
  • space-data
  • research
  • mapping
  • satnav
  • Earth observation
  • EPS
  • google maps and
  • running apps

With this sector on the rise there are exciting opportunities for growth and novel partnerships.

There'll also be demonstrations of new space thinking and innovation, opportunities to ask key questions as well as opportunities for exhibiting/showcasing and business networking.

Click here to find out more and to book your space.


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