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Natural disasters and coastal vulnerability: change is coming

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Start: 16 May 2019 5PM

End: 16 May 2019 8:30PM


Join Dr Komali Kantamaneni in exploring the dynamic and complex hazards associated with climate change in urban coastal areas. Weather extremes, coastal erosion, sea level rise and population growth are all contributing to the increasing vulnerability of our coastal areas and the people who live there.

Through her recent research, Komali has developed a new map-based planning tool for coastal management. She has studied Southampton and the Hampshire coastline and developed coastal vulnerability maps for the area. Her study has revealed that we can expect significant local geographical and economic impacts from climate change within the next 50-100 years.

Komali is now applying her methodology in South Asia where coastal areas are particularly vulnerable. This research will bring new insights to coastal management and disaster planning. The project is supported by the Global Challenges Research Fund.


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