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Sustainable working after the Lockdown

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Solent Connect


Start: 30 September 2020 10AM

End: 30 September 2020 11AM


Sustainability - the New Normal ?

About this event:

Many people and business have started to adapt to working from home in the long term and a return to office working may never happen for many.

The environmental and social benefits to working from home have been promoted for many years but how do you manage a whole team remotely rather than a just a few individuals?

Can you still be creative in an online meeting space, how do you ensure the health and wellbeing of remote workers, do you need to maintain office space at all?

Join us at this thought-provoking webinar to see whether your staff ever need to go back to the old way of working. The link to the webinar will be sent to you 48 hours before the event starts.

Hosted by the Greentech South Team. www.greentechsouth.com


10:00 Welcome and introductions

10:05 Tom Solomon, Designer, IBM. Design Thinking. Recreating this creative process in the virtual environment

10:30 Samuel Hobbs, Ecosystem Manager, Eagle Labs. Flexible workspaces better fit the needs of remote working than a central office

10:50 Laura Bowyer Business Owner of Employment Matters. Managing teams remotely and maintaining culture in a digital world

11:10 Environmental law and how it affects SMEs - update from Peter Schofield of GEP Environmental

11:30 Close

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