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Unlocking employee engagement & motivation during Covid - 19

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Solent Connect


Start: 02 April 2020 1:30PM

End: 02 April 2020 2:30PM


More and more employees are working from home and many more will be self-isolating.

This in itself can present challenges to business owners, managers and employees themselves.

Who will respond well to working from home and who will struggle? How will managers cope when their staff are not in the office?

A quick look at engagement strategies and what motivates staff can really help.

Steve Jones of Skills for Business Training will host a virtual meeting via Zoom.

This one-hour ZOOM workshop will cover:

Engagement strategies enable people to be the best they can be at work leading to increased performance, productivity and profitability. But this can only happen if they feel involved, well-led and valued by those they work for. Developing the right attitudes, behaviours and outcomes are intrinsic to employee motivation and engagement.

As Co-Chair of the Government Guru Group Steering Committee, Steve has been at the forefront of best practice in employee engagement for some while, which has enabled him to develop a ‘Motivational Appraisal System’ which draws on the MacLeod Review findings that encompasses:

• 8 Point diagnostic Plan for Engagement, including COVID 19 version.

• the performance triangle of direction, motivation and skills

• the two-way relationship between employee and employer

• the ‘nine’ key motivators and how to identify them

• intrinsic values and the employee’s awareness of the business context

• creating a “wanting” not just a “having” to work

• effective reward and appraisal systems linked to motivation

• how to nurture an environment where employees are motivated to connect with and care about their work

Full details of how to attend this virtual meeting via Zoom will be sent out before the event.

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