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Why now is a great time to consider PC as a service

Event Type:

Solent Connect


Start: 09 July 2020 10AM

End: 09 July 2020 11AM


Desktops and notebooks can sometimes be a problem for small-businesses; you may feel the need to sweat them beyond the point of upgrade. Five-year-old laptops running out-of-date software are frequently the source of unnecessary IT issues.

Justifying the cash needed for a refresh alongside maintenance considerations like software, security and support can be challenging.

This session will examine PC as a Service, a flexible arrangement where hardware,  software and lifecycle services are bundled into a single monthly subscription on a per unit basis that’s stable and predictable.

You will always have the most up-to-date devices you need to achieve your business goals and manage your budget at the same time.

Joins us for this short webinar to learn more about:

  • PC as a Service is versus other procurement models and why eliminating CapEx-heavy hardware refreshes will be a win for Small Businesses
  • Why there is a surge of interest in this procurement model
  • A deeper dive into Dell’s PC as a Service model

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