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The Solent Summit

The Solent Summit was an event that took place on 8 June to launch the Solent Freeport, and presenting the vision and ambitions of the Solent 2050 Strategy, positioning the Solent region's aspirations for the future. The objective was to engage with stakeholders and communities who live and work in and outside of the Solent, from across the United Kingdom and the globe, to illustrate the advantages of this collaboration. We looked at how innovation and skills are being vastly augmented by this strategy and how it is supporting a faster route to net zero.

Click here to see an agenda for the Solent Summit event.

Click here to see a series of videos, showing each speaker from the event.

The launch of the Solent Freeport

The Solent Freeport - a once-in-a-generation opportunity for our region which will benefit the whole of the UK. It will unlock billions of pounds' worth of investment, create tens of thousands of new jobs and level up our important coastal communities.


Click here to go to the Solent Freeport website

The Solent 2050 Strategy

The benefits that the Solent Freeport will bring are closely aligned to the Solent LEP's long term economic strategy - Solent 2050, designed to level up the Solent economically, creating jobs and driving innovation, and outlining a vision of building a more prosperous and productive regional economy where our communities can thrive.

Click here to read the Solent 2050 Strategy.

The Solent Summit

Hosted by the BBC's Peter Henley, the Solent Summit event commenced at 10 am on 8 June at the Horizon Cruise Terminal in Southampton.

The inspirational Dee Caffari OBE gave a keynote speech, about her love for the Solent region, and how her awe-inspiring sailing achievements are comparative to the major ambitions for the region.

Brain Johnson, Chair of the Solent Freeport, and Alastair Welch, from ABP spoke about the Solent Freeport; whilst Rachael Randall, the Chair of the Solent LEP introduced the Solent 2050 Strategy.


During the event delegates will be able to meet the partner organisations that make up the Solent Freeport and who work in partnership with the Solent LEP to deliver the vision of the Solent 2050 Strategy.


After lunch, a stimulating set of seminars for business leaders, considered key operational elements that support the Solent 2050 strategy. In these, delegates found out more about:

Click on the title of each seminar to watch a video of the recorded session:

  • Solent 2050 Funding Opportunities - help for SMEs and entrepreneurs that will support the 2050 vision, ambitions and aspirations of those working and living in the region. Stuart Baker, Solent LEP. Click here to find more details on both these Funding Loans
  • Amplifying Innovation - our region is a hotbed of innovation; this seminar will explore the role of universities as catalysts for new ideas, and in growing & unlocking high skilled jobs. Pippa Bostock, CCIXR University of Portsmouth
  • Future Skills for the Solent - developing the skills and talent of those living in the region which will translate into career opportunities and connect with the benefits of growth. Kat Millmore-Davies, NHS Education
  • The Solent's Natural Capital - Set out how the region can pioneer innovation to mitigate the impact of climate change, enhance its natural capital and extend its reach to improve the health & wellbeing of our communities. Alison Barnes, New Forest National Park Authority
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