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3-Sci Ltd

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  £75,000 Bridging the Gap Recipient - May 2015

  3-Sci ltd is a British company run by a unique team of technical specialists who have experience in research, product and business development in the engineering,  physical and materials sciences.

  The company requested funding to support the sensor system that can assess the corrosion of pipelines and monitor them for safety in the oil and gas sector.

  Mark Maylin, Account Director of 3-Sci Ltd, said:

3-Sci Ltd, an innovative engineering SME established at the Fareham Innovation Centre, received support from the Solent LEP to accelerate its development of a revolutionary new system that automatically monitors corrosion (‘Wi-Corr’) on any metallic structures, large or small. Technical Director Adrian Bowles (pictured right) commented, ‘The team was already very committed to building Wi-Corr before we became involved with the LEP, but being frank, our rate of development may not have allowed us to introduce the product quickly enough for commercial viability. The support we gained got us more rapidly to the first-version product which is now fully certified and ready for worldwide sales – we are looking forward to growing the company further and exciting second half to 2016 and beyond

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