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£75,000 Bridging the Gap Recipient - November 2014

ENL Ltd started trading in 1958 as Electromag Engineering Company Ltd, although its roots go back to engineering businesses operated in the 1920s.

The company was borne out of a previous family business that had been diverted by the Government during World War II into manufacturing wooden aircraft components. The new company was formed in the post war era to produce components, jigs and fixtures for the newly growing UK domestic aerospace industry. Over the next 30 years Electromag grew and established itself as one of the leading companies designing and manufacturing large jigs and fixtures for the Aerospace industry and ground support equipment. Operating in 3 locations in the UK, by the 1970s it was manufacturing electrical assemblies, plastic mouldings, tooling, jigs and sheet metal assemblies having merged with the Neil Tool Co and changed its name to Electromag Neil Ltd.

In the mid-2000s, with many British companies moving their manufacturing overseas, ENL faced a difficult trading environment and decided to focus on becoming one of the UK's leading advanced technical plastic moulding companies. It simplified its name to ENL Ltd, sold off its other manufacturing divisions and opened a factory in Slovakia.

Today, ENL is proud to be one of only a handful of plastic moulding businesses in the UK that has approvals for aerospace and automotive manufacture with capabilities for product design, tooling design, manufacture and testing, prototyping and full production. The UK base in Portsmouth carries out all design and advanced tooling manufacture as well as producing technical high-tolerance moulding production in a range of exotic and advanced plastic materials.

The company requested funding to support and accelerate growth through the acquisition of plant and equipment.

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