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Essence of Strength Ltd


£87,480 Solent Growth Fund Capital Investment Programme Recipient - April 2017

Essence of Strength is an exciting new start-up company designing and manufacturing innovative, iconic furniture using a mix of ultra-modern carbon composites married with exquisite leather and wood. The gravity defying contemporary furniture uses natural curves to deliver inherent strength with forms that are mesmerizingly thin, simplistic and elegant. Essence of Strength enables those with a desire for unique, bespoke and iconic furniture built from advanced carbon technologies to be designed, commissioned and realised. 

The company requested the funding to design, manufacture and launch their iconic carbon furniture pieces at a number of British and overseas exhibitions and events. 

Commenting on the funding, Clive Johnson, Joint Founder noted:

The Solent LEP funding has enabled us to quickly develop prototypes of our ultra-modern composite furniture range. The designs are a true engineering accomplishment which deliver simple, luxurious elegance which defy normal design parameters.

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