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Jack Tighe Ltd


£300,419 Solent Futures SME Fund Recipient - March 2014

Jack Tighe Ltd is a UK based privately owned family business founded in 1954 by Olympic athlete and successful international track cyclist Jack Tighe. They have bases on the south coast in Hamble and Portsmouth Naval Base and have worked in the Solent area for over 12 years.

They were awarded a further 5 year term contract for the preparation, painting and protective coatings services in the HM Naval Base Portsmouth by BAE Systems.

To increase their presence in the Solent area they would have to make a substantial capital investment in plant, equipment, premises, operatives, staff and training. Having worked closely with BAE Systems for a number of years as a consequence of being awarded a number of consecutive a Long Term agreements they discussed their aspirations to expand their operations outside the Naval Base.

Martin Hillyard, Managing Director of Jack Tighe Ltd, said:

BAE Systems have played a crucial role in Jack Tighe Ltd.'s long term presence on the south coast and have been very supportive throughout the journey and have been instrumental in making Jack Tighe Ltd one of the premier names in the blast cleaning and coatings industry, servicing the marine sector. BAE Systems in Portsmouth have nurtured our progress and  invited Jack Tighe Ltd to also provide blast cleaning and coating services at their Govan shipyard operation.

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