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Palmer Adaptation


£6,500 Bridging the Gap Recipient - June 2013

Palmer Adaptation aims to help companies change and adapt to a moving business environment, enabling them to improve quality, maximise customer value, reduce waste, improve productivity, and ultimately increase profits.  This will be achieved by providing a consulting service delivering Business Process Improvements via hands-on LEAN Management and Six Sigma techniques utilising direct support, training and workshop events.

The company requested funding to support the start-up of the new business through purchase of key equipment required.

Bryan Palmer, Owner of Palmer Adaptation, said:

The BTG Grant proved invaluable in starting my company and the staff were incredibly helpful with the application process.  I found out about the existence of the grant during the Ford plant closure process. I wanted to start a consultancy business and needed to create an office at home with all the necessary IT to operate professionally and efficiently.  The grant helped to enable the purchase of that equipment.  In addition it’s helped with the necessary start-up expenses and assisted with obtaining some of the facilities the business needs to operate.  Overall it’s been a great experience.

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