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Refreshed Solent Skills Report reviews LEP’s plans and priorities to help the Solent reach its full economic potential

04 March 2022

The Solent Local Enterprise Partnership has published a refresh of its Solent Skills Action Plan & Local Skills Report, reflecting the Government's Levelling Up White Paper and providing a progress review on its plans and priorities to help the region reach its full economic potential.

Rachael Randall, Chair of the Skills Advisory Panel and Solent LEP Business Director, said:

“It is widely acknowledged that, in the face of the pandemic, the world of work has, most likely, changed forever and coupled with other important drivers such as the role of autonomy and the need for green skills, future skills needs are transforming.

“In this context, the work of the Solent Skills Advisory Panel has never been more important. As the economy begins to move forward, we are committed to helping the Solent grow and maintain its competitiveness. We will do this by ensuring our region has the skills employers need, and the job opportunities our communities deserve."

The updated report defines how an integrated response to skills development is being delivered to help the Solent develop a world-class talent base, and meet the challenges of its economic recovery.

It details how training and skills development is critical to the region's economic prosperity, with apprenticeships playing a key role in ensuring businesses have the talent pipeline needed for future success - in line with one of the 12 Missions within the Levelling Up White Paper to significantly increase the number of people successfully completing high-quality skills training in every area of the UK.

Rachael continued: “Our focus on targeting the skills requirements in key sectors in the Solent is delivering results. We have established Maritime UK Solent, which is raising the profile of maritime careers and we anticipate the National Shipbuilding Strategy refresh will bring opportunities to the Solent’s maritime sector.

“Our newly-convened Construction Network, established to bring together employers, supply chain and education providers to address skills issues and build long-term resilience in the industry, is already attracting a wide range of members from across the sector.”

“It is clear the benefits of these major projects will take time to be realised, and we continue to build on existing initiatives, such as the Solent Apprenticeship Hub, expanding the remit to develop an independent skills brokerage offer integrated with our business-focused Growth Hub.”

Click here to download the latest Solent Skills Action Plan & Local Skills Report.

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