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Equality and Diversity

The Solent LEP is committed to having a Board which embraces diversity and promotes equality of opportunity within the Solent economy.

In formulating proposals, the Solent LEP is very mindful of the obligations under the Equality Act 2010 and in particular the impact of the proposals on groups with protected characteristics. In accordance with the processes and procedures of our accountable body, Portsmouth City Council, the LEP have now adopted the Equality Impact Assessment (EIA) Toolkit

As part of work to develop individual projects and in advance of delivery, all scheme leads will be required to undertake an EIA, which will form part of the LEP's assessment prior to awarding funding. The Solent LEP Funding, Finance and Performance Management Group will regularly monitor these EIAs, as well as the diversity of the Solent LEP Board, and will produce an annual Equality and Diversity report. 

As an employer, the Solent LEP is committed to equality and valuing diversity within its workforce and operates in-line with the Equality and Diversity Strategy of Portsmouth City Council, our accountable body[1]. Our goal is to ensure that these commitments, reinforced by our values, are embedded in our day-to-day working practices with all our customers, colleagues and partners.

You can view our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy here.

[1] https://www.portsmouth.gov.uk/ext/community/equality-and-diversity.aspx

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