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With Covid-19 forcing small businesses to close their premises once more, we are relaunching our Crowdfunder Solent scheme to match-fund money that they raise. Micro and small businesses make up 98% of the Solent’s economy, and we are ensuring that they have access to match-funding through Crowdfunder Solent to enable them to keep trading.

To ensure these businesses can access essential cash flow now we have redirected funding from our local growth small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) fund to micro and small businesses through the Crowdfunder Solent scheme.

The scheme proved highly popular during the spring and summer before lockdown restrictions were lifted. Local businesses found innovative solutions to ensure they were able to trade online, and increase cash flow with commitments of goods and services to customers at a later date.

How does Crowdfund Solent work?

1. If you are self-employed, a micro or small businesses, you start by setting-up a Crowdfunder campaign - click here to go to the Crowdfunder page.

2. Once you have set-up your campaign page, you can sell their goods or services, request donations and diversify your offer in order to engage with existing and potentially new customers.

3. Set a financial target to meet. Throughout the process, coaching is offered by Crowdfunder to support you with meeting your target.

4. If an application is approved, once the financial target is met, we will release the match-funding.

5. The total sum of the money is then released to you.


To watch a video on what Crowdfunding is, and the basics of how it works click here.

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