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Project Selection

When new rounds of Local Growth Deal funding are announced the Solent LEP announces a call for projects that will boost local economic growth and create jobs. Stakeholders are then invited to put forward projects for consideration. These projects will be independently assessed and scored by the Solent LEP (you can view the full prioritisation method in the Assurance Framework) and then considered by the LEP Board who will then make decisions on those projects to be shortlisted for inclusion in the Solent Local Growth Deal submission to government. If your project is included in the proposal to government and you then receive an invitation to progress your project to full business case stage independent due diligence will be undertaken and business cases are published for consultation. The LEP Board will then consider the full business case, due diligence and consultation and if your submission is successful you will be issued a funding agreement (subject to receipt of future years Local Growth Fund allocations). 

Anyone wishing to apply should also read the Advice to Scheme Promoters on the Development of Business Cases document and following annexes:

Annex 1: Template for Skills Capital Build Projects

Annex 2: Skills Capital Build Projects

Annex 3: Monitoring Metrics Illustrative Example

Annex 4: Template for Value for Money Statement for Transport Schemes

In formulating this Local Growth Deal 3 proposal, the Solent LEP has been very mindful of the obligations under the Equality Act 2010 and in particular the impact of the proposals on groups with protected characteristics. In accordance with the processes and procedures of our accountable body, Portsmouth City Council, the LEP have adopted the Equality Impact Assessment (EIA) Toolkit.

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