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Solent Growth Forum Meetings

The Solent Growth Forum (SGF) meets in public and anyone can attend. Portsmouth City Council provide the democratic services for the SGF and further information can be found here.

Notice of any deputations, or any queries in relation to procedure of the SGF, should be directed to info@solentlep.org.uk

The Solent Growth Forum may receive deputations on a matter from any organisation or individual, where notice has been given, which is before that meeting of the SGF for consideration. The following rules will apply:

  • Notice of the intended deputation stating which agenda item it refers to and its purpose must be received in writing by the Head of Policy, Communications and Partner Engagement by 12 noon on the working day preceding the meeting.
  • Decisions on whether to receive deputations on a matter will be made by the LEP Chair and the LEP Chair may waive the giving of notice in any case they consider appropriate.
  • When the deputation is given it must relate to the agenda item in respect of which it is made.
  • No person may speak for more than 6 minutes per deputation.
  • The total time for those in favour and against a proposal will be 12 minutes respectively. If more than 2 people wish to speak for or against a proposition, the time allocated to each will be reduced proportionately, unless they agree otherwise amongst themselves how to apportion the 12 minutes.
  • Those attending may make a written or verbal presentation which may be supplemented by a modest visual aid such as a single plan, photograph or video recording. This will be retained by the Solent LEP. Video recording presentations are included within the time allowed to deputations.
  • Questions to deputations will be permitted, but only to clarify a statement.

Meeting papers, minutes and associated documentation for all Solent Growth Forum meetings are available below.


Item 3 

Item 5 



The Solent Growth Forum provides the key public-facing overview and scrutiny forum within the LEP governance architecture; these meetings are open to the public and are advertised accordingly. To this end, we will be broadcasting the Solent Growth Forum meeting as a live stream and members of the public can access the webcast, live, here.



Item 2 

Item 3 - AECOM Presentation 

Item 4 - Responding to COVID 






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