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The Solent LEP is registered as a company limited by guarantee and it was incorporated on 18 March 2011. Details on the governance arrangements for the Company are set out in the Company's Articles of Association, which are available here. Further information, including accounts for the company, can be found at Companies House here.

The Board of Solent LEP has been democratically elected by its members, who are drawn from the area’s key business, education and local authority communities . More information on the company membership and Solent LEP Board Directors can be found here.

The Solent LEP has also established the Solent Growth Forum. This is an advisory group, reporting recommendations and advice directly to the Solent LEP Board. Information on the Solent Growth Forum, including published meeting notes, can be found here.

In addition to operating within its Articles of Association and Company law, the Solent LEP has secured significant public funding and, as a result, also operates within the context of public funding frameworks. In recognition of this, the LEP has established robust, transparent and accountable governance arrangements to ensure these investments deliver value for money and tangible economic outputs in terms of new jobs, new housing, new employment space, improved skills, improved infrastructure and increased levels of private sector investment. These Governance arrangements are set out in the Solent LEP Assurance Framework, the purpose of which should be viewed in the context of the Accountability Systems Statements for both Local Government and the Local Growth Fund, which provide assurance to the Public Accounts Committee for how Local Growth Funds and wider funding routed through Local Government are allocated. A copy of the Solent LEP Assurance Framework can be found here. This includes, as the foreword to the Assurance Framework, the joint Assurance Statement submitted by the Solent LEP Chairman and Chief Executive to Government. The Solent LEP has also adopted a Code of Conduct which is based on and consistent with the 7 principles of public life (a copy of this code is available here) and established a set of corporate core values which inform all that we do (a copy of these values is available here). 

In addition, Portsmouth City Council is the accountable body  for the Solent LEP and in this role is accountable for the proper use and administration of funding, all of which fall under the annual audit of the local authorities accounts, and for ensuring that decisions are made in accordance with this assurance framework. Portsmouth City Council and the Solent LEP have agreed timescales and operating practices to support the effective implementation of decisions.  These are described in the protocol and service support agreement in place between the accountable body and Solent LEP which is available here. The accounts of our accountable body can be found here

The Scheme of Delegation covering the Solent LEP Board and all sub panels can be found here.

In relation to finances the Solent LEP Board publish copies of their financial budgets and account summaries, and these can be found below:

Please find the company accounts as of October 2019 here. 

Please find the company accounts as of July 2018 here

Please find the company accounts as of May 2017 here

Please find the company accounts as of 31st January 2017 here.

Please find the company accounts as of 31st March 2016 here.

Please find the company accounts as of 31st August 2015 here.

Please find the company accounts as of 31st March 2015 here.

In accordance with Article 48 of our Articles of Association a register of interest has been established by the Solent LEP and all Directors have a statutory duty to declare their interests (direct or indirect) in transactions or arrangements involving the Solent Local Enterprise Partnership. This requirement has been extended to all Chairs and Members of dedicated delivery sub-panels of the Solent Local Enterprise Partnership, Section 151 Officers and Chief Executive Officers of any accountable body organisation operating on behalf of the Solent Local Enterprise Partnership and Any other persons with significant influence over the activities of the Solent Local Enterprise Partnership (for example, senior Solent LEP employees and senior points of contact at accountable body organisations such as legal and financial contacts). Further information on the Solent LEP Register of interest is available here and a published version of each Solent LEP Directors Register of Interest is available here.

In addition, the Solent LEP also maintains a register of events attended and gifts or hospitality received or given by all the persons listed above in their capacity as representatives of the Solent Local Enterprise Partnership or whilst carrying out Solent Local Enterprise Partnership duties. Further information on the Solent LEP Register of events attended and gifts or hospitality received is available here and a copy of the latest Gifts and Hospitality Register for LEP Board and Executive Team Members is available here. Further information in relation to gifts and hospitality returns of our accountable body team members can be accessed here. 

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